Managing an “America First” Strategy: Donald Trump’s transition from a private to a public executive


“America First”
Donald Trump
foreign policy
private sector
public sector

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da Vinha, L. (2019). Managing an “America First” Strategy: Donald Trump’s transition from a private to a public executive. Political Observer | Revista Portuguesa De Ciência Política, (10), 13-43.


The election of Donald Trump as America’s forty-fifth president took much of the world by surprise. Throughout his presidential campaign, Trump assured the electorate that he would solve the nation’s problems and implement an “America First” strategy which emphasises nationalism and unilateral action. He consistently contrasted his managerial skills with the ineptitude of career politicians and promised to make the best deals for America. However, the initial year of the Trump presidency has not generated the much-anticipated foreign policy successes and confusion and uncertainty have surfaced regarding America’s global leadership. Many of the difficulties the administration has faced in implementing its foreign policy strategy stem from the President’s unique management style. The current paper analyses the challenges Trump has encountered in employing his corporate management style in the Presidency and the effects it has had on America’s ability to lead the liberal international order.


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