Aims and Scope

The Political Observer, previously and widely recognized as the Portuguese Journal of Political Science, is a peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to examining the political significance, operation, and impact of politics from an interdisciplinary and international perspective.  The journal aims to explore the political significance, operation, and impact through an interdisciplinary and worldwide perspective. By providing an international and interdisciplinary outlook, this publication objectively analyses the meaning, function, and influence of political actions.

It concentrates on impartially examining the composition of the political arena. The study examines the impact of state formations, conflicts and borders, alongside cultural phenomena encompassing language, music, gender, religion and the media, on the evolution and articulation of political ideas and concepts. It also highlights how these components have evolved and transformed across time. The historical significance of the interplay between political and cultural terminology is examined within the context of other crucial and occasionally opposing categories of identification, including religion, region, nation, or class.

The broad range of perspectives represented in the journal provides a nuanced appreciation of political identity, and therefore, the publication invites submissions from a variety of fields such as literature, history, geography, religion, sociology, and other related social sciences. Comparative analysis is encouraged, and the journal includes periodic essays and book reviews.

Political Observer publishes papers that reflect on social sciences and humanities from any relevant discipline, provided they make an original academic contribution to the study of political science. The publication targets those with an intellectual interest in the motives and methods employed by various agencies and agents to influence the politics and values of individuals and communities. Being interdisciplinary and international, it demands that its contributors write in a clear and easily understood style.

Papers with a primary aim of conducting market research or endorsing a preconceived institutional position will not be eligible for publication. Nevertheless, high-quality applied research that advances methodology is encouraged. Certain journal issues concentrate on distinct themes, covering an array of regions, political processes, or a particular set of subjects. If there is a particular topic, you wish to suggest for a special edition, please contact the Editor.

Peer Review Policy:

The articles submitted to this publication have undergone pre-screening by the editor and, if accepted, will undergo a double-blind peer review by at least two referees.

The Political Observer is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of peer-review integrity. Once the editor has evaluated your paper's suitability, independent and anonymous expert referees in a double-blind peer review process will review it.