Call for Papers - No 14 (2020) - Governance in the age of crisis COVID19


The Covid-19 pandemic has severely disrupted almost all aspects of human society, including public health, economic growth, and national academic field of political science has rapidly mobilized with a wave of publications, media engagements, and research initiatives. Against this backdrop, we call for papers submissions to Political Observer – Portuguese Journal of Political Science. We are sensitive to the seismic shift this rare crisis has visited upon our field.

Accordingly, we will organize a volume, that is thematically fluid and flexible, under the broader theme of “Governance in the age of crisis COVID19”. We invite scholars from across all political science subfields to contemplate how the crisis reshapes their work and how their work can in turn reshape the crisis. Rarely is there an opportunity to examine our work in the context of an evolving crisis – and in a world that, more than ever, needs guidance from experts from all fields.

Regarding submission, we are flexible within this theme, so we expect to receive abstracts across the typical range of political science practice and theoretical subfields (e.g., policy process theories, tools and instruments, actors-ideas-institutions, collaboration and participation, knowledge-policy interface, epistemic, between others).

We recognize that this is a broad call, but indeed these unique times call for broad thinking. We expect that participants would thirst for an opportunity to balance their research focus with its application to the macro-crisis context. Thus, we invite submissions of inquiry to this novel context. Join us for this profoundly important sharing of ideas.